Chief Financial Officer, Burbank Housing

Chief Financial Officer, Burbank Housing

Position Overview:


Burbank Housing is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the supply of housing in Sonoma County, California, so that people of all ages, backgrounds and special needs will have a better opportunity to live in decent and affordable housing. Organized in 1980, Burbank provides nonprofit housing development, ownership and property management services in Sonoma County. Burbank Housing is the largest affordable housing developer in Sonoma County, managing over 2,800 rental units in 61 properties and serving a diverse client base of over 10,000 people.


Burbank Housing seeks a Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) who is highly skilled, principled, and engaged to assume the financial leadership and stewardship of this critical housing organization, and to partner with the CEO and spearhead its growth during a time when housing affordability in Sonoma County could not be more critical. This is an exciting opportunity to join a well-established, 36-year-old organization with a track record of being a leader in affordable housing in Sonoma County. Burbank Housing’s new CFO will be assuming financial leadership and management of an organization looking to reassume its position as the preeminent affordable housing developer in the region. There is an 11-member board of directors, 150 staff members, and an annual operating budget of $4 million.


The CFO will provide financial leadership and management for Burbank’s organizational and portfolio growth, offer strategies for financing new real estate development, innovate repositioning and refinancing the existing rental property portfolio, cultivate and steward relationships with financial instituions and consultants, as well as serve as the financial liaison with the board of directors.








Inquiries should be made to:


Sally Carlson, Managing Partner 415.433.2299;


Heidi Holzhauer, Partner  707.963.1250;

Shalin Craig