Executive Director, North Valley Housing Trust

Executive Director, North Valley Housing Trust

Position Overview:


NVHT is a four-year old organization that is seeking an Executive Director that will grow the trust fund by strengthening existing relationships, and forming new partnerships with local banks, hospitals, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. The strength of these partnerships will be built on the foundation of a shared vision and a track record of success. The Executive Director will also work with a Community Development Financial Institution to build the fund. In addition, the Executive Director will work with developers and real estate agents to identify and pursue potential affordable housing projects, catalyzing the construction of affordable housing.








Please send a cover letter and resume to:

James Coles, jcoles@housing-tools.com


With a cc to:

Sherry Morgado, sherrymorgado@gmail.com

Sonia Aery, Sonia.aery@allstate.com

Guillermo Sandoval, GuillermoSandoval@tcbk.com

Nancy Evens, nancyjevents@gmail.com

Shalin Craig