2017 Brown Bag Calendar

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March 23rd

AHSC – Nuts and Bolts of a Winning Proposal



Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities is HCD’s largest affordable housing funding program and a critical component to financing successful projects. This highly competitive program provides sponsors with the opportunity to develop innovative projects that combine housing with equitable transportation. Learn from the experts how the program is structured, the key components to a successful application and how to navigate the more technical climate change aspects of the program.


Convener: David Dologite, California Housing Partnership


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April 27th

Fair Housing: Affirmatively Further Fair Housing and Site Selection



Last year the U. S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that the Federal Fair Housing Act included claims based on disparate impact and HUD released its new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rules. These two actions taken together have the potential to change how siting decisions for affordable housing are made. With changes in the administration, this Brown Bag will discuss issues regarding the future of AFFH Regulations and how public housing authorities and public agencies are addressing AFFH implementation.


Convener: Karen Tiedemann, Goldfarb & Lipman LLP


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June 22nd

Keep in Touch: New TCAC Policy Changes that Make Waitlist Openings a Breeze



Come join us to see what is possible after a recent TCAC policy change on e-signatures and how technology is innovating waitlists. No more printing and stuffing envelopes or data entry – learn how the change makes it possible to stay in touch with non-digitally savvy applicants as well as applicants who prefer digital. Learn more about the hidden costs of waitlist management and what your compliance department is missing when they don’t have access to files until they’ve been scanned and emailed. Break bread and learn how to improve applicant communication, trim your budget, and keep your compliance team in the know.

Convener: Caroline Caselli, Haven Connect


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August 24th

Birds of a Feather: Transportation’s Role in Affordable Housing



Transportation and transportation agencies can play a key role in ensuring that residents of affordable housing have access to regional opportunities as well as safe streets and sidewalks. Likewise, transportation agencies can benefit from partnering with affordable housing developers to build a base of riders near stations, build equitable transit-oriented development, and receive funding for transportation projects that connect to affordable housing. This session will provide transportation agencies an opportunity to engage with participants on their real estate, TOD, and infrastructure programs and to discuss how they are creating opportunities to partner with affordable housing developers.


Convener: Elizabeth Wampler, The San Francisco Foundation



September 21st

Extending Independent Living in Our Affordable Senior Communities



This Brown Bag will provide an overview of state and federal policy, including the use of the Medical waiver program in affordable properties, intended to keep low-income seniors living independently. It will present a current pilot program in place in San Mateo County. The session will also discuss the practical benefits to property managers and owners of enhanced independent living programs and how to deliver them without using the waiver.


Convener: Vanessa Cooper, Housing Authority of the City of Alameda


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October 26th

Re-syndicating to Preserve Affordable Housing



Affordable housing developers are increasingly in the business of syndicating existing affordable housing properties, both those that previously used low-income housing tax credits and those that did not. Unfortunately, many of the rules for financing and syndicating new units are turned upside down in a re-syndication. The purpose of this Brown Bag is to explain some of these screwball rules and to engage the audience in a conversation about lessons learned to date and new issues that have arisen in this complex enterprise. Examples of topics to be covered are updates to HUD, HCD, and TCAC rules and policies impacting syndications, new and emerging tax-related issues, and sharing of information and experiences among participants.


Convener: Kevin Knudtson, Community Economics

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Questions? Contact Estephanie Sunga at estephanie@nonprofithousing.org.

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