2019 Brown Bag Training Calendar

Mark your calendars!

February 26

Reducing Barriers to Affordable Housing for Homeless Applicants: Implementing a Homeless Preference (Webinar Training)


Housing organizations intend to serve people with the fewest options, but our long waiting lists, background checks, and complicated application processes fall especially hard on homeless applicants. This Brown Bag Training will explore policy innovations such as HUD’s Opening Doors pilot, in which owners voluntarily adopt preferences for homeless applicants. Panelists will also discuss how to reduce barriers to homeless applicants through resident selection policies that ‘screen in’ rather than ‘screen out’ vulnerable populations.

Convener and Moderator: Chris Hess, Satellite Affordable Housing Associates

Training has ended. 

March 28
Coordination Replication: Tips from Designing and Using a Custom Housing/Services Coordination Tool


Community Housing Partnership (CHP) developed and implemented a bespoke Coordination Tool, which is used collaboratively by services and housing staff in biweekly meetings to help keep residents housed, monitor their progress, and rapidly generate and access key data. This training will focus on how participants can design, refine, and use a similar tool successfully in their own contexts.

Convener and Moderator: Anat Leonard-Wookey, Community Housing Partnership

Training has ended. 

June 19
9% and 4% Hybrid Projects: A Primer


Relatively new on the financing scene in California is the 9%/4% tax credit hybrid structure. Though complicated, this is a creative way to raise tax credit equity for needy projects. This workshop will function as a “deep-dive” on the hybrid structure. Panelists will discuss financial structuring specifics, TCAC policies, legal considerations, and investor requirements, and will share a case-study.

Convener and Moderator: Meg McGraw-Scherer, California Housing Partnership

Training has ended. 

August 22
Working Together: Developing Supportive Housing to Address Homelessness


The implementation of 2016 Measure A Affordable Housing Bond is Santa Clara County’s bold commitment to invest close to $750 million of the $950 million to develop 4,800 units of supportive housing county-wide. To date, the County has committed over $234,00,000 in six cities to create 19 housing developments with 1,437 new apartments. This Brown Bag training will explore the partnerships needed to develop a successful supportive housing system and the need to work together. Panelists will highlight both successes and lessons learned on a range of issues including engaging neighborhoods, coordinated funding and referrals, and developer and service provider roles and needs.

Convener and Moderator: Ray Bramson, Destination: HOME

October 24
Sustainable Advocacy – Strategies and Tactics for Voter Engagement


In this training, we will explore the successful tactics employed by developers and resident service staff members leading up to the November 2018 election to engage residents. Hear from resident services directors and staff about what worked and how to best create an opportunity around advocacy that ensures resident voices are heard.

Convener and Moderator: JR Starrett, Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California