Assistant Manager, Eden Housing (Fairfield)

Assistant Manager, Eden Housing (Fairfield)

Position Overview:


Within established management operating and fiscal policy, the Assistant Manager assists the Property Manager in managing the day-to-day activities of operating and maintaining facilities and equipment in housing projects designed to provide low-income families, seniors, special users, or other eligible individuals with furnished or unfurnished housing in single or multi-unit dwellings by performing the following duties.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Under general supervision of Manager:

  •   Orders office supplies.

  •   Schedules maintenance repairs, generates and files completed work orders and follows-up, as appropriate.

  •   Assists in resident move-in/out procedures and unit inspections.

  •   Maintains wait list and processes applications in conformance with compliance regulations and EHMI policies; explains entire move in procedures.

  •   Collects rent and accounts for monies collected; performs daily bank deposits, as needed.

  •   Answers telephone and handle office interactions in a friendly, courteous and sincere manner.

  •   Sorts and distributes inner office mail.

  •   Prepares recertifications of residents by interviewing residents, obtaining appropriate documentation and

    completing worksheets. Submits worksheets to manager and Property Supervisor for approval.

  •   Compiles and maintains accurate written records of residents (e.g. Emergency Information, Incident

    Reports, etc.). Maintains resident files in a neat and orderly manner according to EHMI standard policies.

  •   Refers applicants to alternative housing if all available units are occupied or if the Wait List is closed.

  •   Ensures consistent application of project rules and regulations.

  •   Ensures consistent application of Program (HUD, CHFA, RHCP, TCAC, etc.) rules and regulations.

  •   Prepares Project Status Reports (PSR’s).

  •   Maintains a clean and well-organized office.

  •   Maintains a businesslike and professional appearance.

  •   Promotes harmonious relations among residents, housing personnel and persons of the community. Demonstrates enthusiasm and stamina for housing project and position. Represents project in business related matters to the residents and to the community at large. Sensitive to the housing philosophies of the owner/sponsor.

  •   Maintains congenial relationships with all residents, is understanding of and sensitive to cultural background, economic status, those with special needs, and adheres to Equal Employment and Equal Housing Opportunity requirements.

  •   Exercises common sense, good judgement, consistency and self-control in day-to-day contact with residents and in other business-related matters.

  •   Demonstrates company loyalty and integrity in all financial matters, in reports to supervisors and other management personnel, in relationships with residents and co-workers.






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