Youth Residents at MidPen Housing's Main Street Park. Photo by Craig Sherod

KQED Forum: Governor Newsom Proposes Withholding Funds from Cities that Don’t Meet Housing Goals

"Housing is an urgent matter. We have to do things differently to see change." - Amie Fishman, Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) Executive Director on KQED's "Forum" In his proposed budget, Governor Newsom allocated $2 billion for housing initiatives. But perhaps the bigger housing...


Statement on Governor’s “California From All” Budget from NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman

"A California For All means investing deeply in housing, demonstrating strong leadership, and initiating bold proposals. We are thrilled to see Governor Gavin Newsom release a budget proposal that includes $7.7 billion in new, existing, and federal funding dedicated to state affordable housing and homelessness programs....


Mercury News: “California gears up for round 2 on controversial battle over more homes near transit”

"A controversial bill with the potential to add millions of apartments and condominiums near transit — which died in its first committee hearing earlier this year — was resurrected Monday, but with a number of significant changes. Already, some of the changes are raising eyebrows.   "When San Francisco state...


Statement from Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California Executive Director Amie Fishman on Passage of Proposition 1 and 2 Affordable Housing Measures

"Propositions 1 and 2 are critical wins for our Bay Area and California communities -- our seniors, families, veterans, and vulnerable community members. Every YES vote cast was a message from that voter that affordable housing is a top priority and that we must create a...