NPH Election Successes: Track Record of Winning for Affordable Housing

NPH has a proud track record of success initiating, supporting, and passing affordable housing policy at the state, regional, and local levels. By partnering with communities around Northern California, we’ve played a leading role in identifying and bringing to the ballot key revenue measures that reinvest in our communities and create more affordable homes across the Bay Area. We look forward to continuing this important work in 2020!

Read about our past affordable housing victories:


It’s Official: Three Big Wins for Affordable Housing in 2016


A message from NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman

NPH was proud to help initiate, support, and win three Bay Area County Measures in November 2016, bringing greatly needed investment to provide local, affordable homes for our community members, especially those most at risk of homelessness and displacement.

In a time of deep division in our nation, affordable housing showed itself to be a true issue of unity. Voters overwhelmingly got behind the idea of helping our friends, neighbors, and families. (See NPH’s elections analysis here.)

Here in the Bay Area, we secured more than $2 billion in investments for our communities; but beyond numbers, we recognize what these policies mean for protecting and preserving the Bay Area that we love. We’re building a future where everyone has a place to call home, including those who have been historically displaced, marginalized, and excluded. 

NPH and its members, developers and managers of affordable homes in the nine Bay Area counties played a strategic role in each of the campaigns, including achieving a 15% increase in residents’ voter registration and producing materials about voter registration in 7 languages.

These measures are a testament to our community’s ability to work together to continue moving down the path of solutions and compassion. 

We are so proud that our movement is on the right side of history – No matter what else comes out of Election Day results, our efforts are part of the national movement for inclusion, compassion, equity, social justice, and for a society that takes care of our most vulnerable. We will never stop fighting for these beliefs.


Amie Fishman, NPH Executive Director


For more information about our work in 2016, please read our Organizing Column via Shelterforce magazine.

Alameda County


A $580 million bond for affordable rental housing, 1st time homebuyers assistance and Innovation & Opportunity Fund.


73.3% of voters approved this important measure to fund development of new rental opportunities, first-time and second-chance homeownership, and an Innovation Fund to allow pre-qualification for funding and rapid response that protects existing affordability.


Questions about Measure A1 implementation? Get in touch with NPH Bay Area Affordable Housing Partner, East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO.)

San Mateo County


Extension of existing sales tax for 20 years to provide longer term, reliable resources for affordable homes and essential County services.


70.4% of voters approved Measure K, the 20-year extension of Measure A, to increase the County’s annual commitment to affordable homes to reflect the crisis seniors, veterans, families and people with disabilities are feeling today.


Questions about Measure K implementation? Get in touch with NPH Bay Area Affordable Housing Partner, Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo (HLC.)

Santa Clara County


A $950 million bond to create affordable housing for vulnerable communities including homeless residents.


67.9% of voters approved Measure A, a game changing investment in permanent supportive housing, homes for very low-income seniors, veterans, families and people with disabilities, as a well as working families and first-time homebuyers.


Questions about Measure A implementation? Get in touch with NPH Bay Area Affordable Housing Partner, SV@Home.

Momentum Sustained With Huge Affordable Housing Wins in 2018

California and the Bay Area secured significant wins for affordable housing investments at the ballot in November 2018, building momentum for our issue and communities. Thanks to deep strategy, commitment, leadership, and hard work from the NPH community, and strong partnership at the state and local levels, we achieved great success together!

Voters communicated that they support affordable housing solutions by passing several measures at the local and state level that will create new opportunities for California and the Bay Area to build a future where all our communities have a safe, stable, and affordable place to live.

Statewide Propositions 1 and 2 were passed overwhelmingly by voters to create new investments into our communities for our seniors, families, veterans, and vulnerable community members. Together, these measures bring $6 billion of new investments to develop more affordable homes and to combat homelessness with supportive housing.               

Voters also passed local dedicated affordable housing revenue measures Proposition C in San Francisco, Measure O in Berkeley, and a series of TOT measures in Napa County. These measures will bring over $440 million in additional revenue to our Bay Area communities, specifically designated to help to tackle the housing crisis and create more affordable housing. Emeryville’s Measure C also passed, bringing $50 million for affordable housing to the city. Added to this, more than a dozen additional revenue measures passed that include affordable housing among the programs these new dollars would fund, including Berkeley Measure P, Santa Clara County Measure A, and others. 

These affordable housing advances are unprecedented due to the scale and number of ballot measures and a signal of the work we’ve done as an industry and movement to shift the general public towards investing in solutions. NPH looks ahead to making more progress for our affordable housing movement in 2020, as we work to secure a Bay Area future where all our communities, neighbors, and families have a safe, stable, affordable (or even “a great”) place to call home.


Visit our NPH Action Fund page for our current electoral work, engagement opportunities, materials, resources, and more! 

Proposition 1

Proposition 1

Proposition 1 is an important investment in building and preserving affordable homes, which are essential to our wellbeing, alongside good schools, health care, and access to vital services.

Proposition 2

Proposition 2

Proposition 2 will provide supportive homes for our fellow Californians living with a mental illness struggling to survive on the streets or in shelters without the stability and access to services they need.