Affordable Housing at the Legislature

California’s housing crisis impacts 39 million people, our health, education and employment opportunities, as well as families’ preservation and reunification chances. Across the state, and in the Bay Area especially, housing has risen to the top of voters’ concerns — and Californians expect action.


We believe that everyone deserves a place to call home! We’re so proud of the progress we made in the 2018 legislative session, and look forward to continuing to work with our members, partners, supporters, and elected leaders to build a Bay Area where everyone has access to a safe, stable, affordable home.

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Priority Bills for Affordable Housing: 2018 Legislative Session

Department of Housing and Community Development Loans (AB 2562: Mullin)


Bill Summary Bill Status NPH position Learn More
Creates more affordable housing across California by providing HCD with tools to increase the financial feasibility of new affordable housing developments in the face of disinvestment from the federal government and substantially rehabilitate existing developments with older MHP loans. Signed into law! Support NPH Support Letter

NPH Fact Sheet


Bay Area Rapid Transit: Transit-oriented Development (AB 2923: Chiu and Grayson)

Bill Summary Bill Status NPH position Learn More
Enables the construction of thousands of new affordable homes at and around BART stations, resulting in fewer cars and congestion on our Bay Area region’s roads. Signed into law! Support NPH Fact Sheet

Legislative Fact Sheet

Affordable Housing Authorities (AB 2035: Mullin)


Bill Summary Bill Status NPH position Learn More
Strengthens “Affordable Housing Authorities,” a critical tax-increment financing tool for local governments to address the housing affordability crisis without raising taxes. Signed into law! Support NPH Fact Sheet


Supportive Housing Streamlining Act (AB 2162: Chiu)


Bill Summary Bill Status NPH position Learn More
Addresses California’s homelessness crisis by allowing non-profit developers to build supportive housing without the prolonged approval process typically required for these projects. Signed into law! Support NPH Fact Sheet

CSH/HCA Fact Sheet


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Support Grows for SB 2

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