Emerging Leaders Peer Network

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The Emerging Leaders Peer Network (ELPN) is a platform for growth, achievement, and opportunity among a cohort of affordable housing practitioners and advocates. ELPN fosters members’ long-term personal and professional development, and helps build connections that support the affordable housing industry. Join us as an emerging leader and develop your passion for affordable housing!

ELPN was established in 2014 as an effort to ensure that up-and-coming leaders across the affordable housing industry and amongst industry partners have the tools and resources that they need to propel the industry forward. The group works to develop housers’ expertise and knowledge across all sectors of the affordable housing field as well as to continue to grow the industry through recruitment, professional development, and advocacy.



Member benefits:

  • Receive ELPN newsletters that feature event info, blogs, job listings, and more!
  • Network with peers across all sectors of the industry.
  • Build your professional skills and knowledge through our trainings and workshops.
  • Join a subcommittee and meet new friends while rolling up your sleeves to organize exciting programming.
Upcoming ELPN Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

ELPN Subcommittees

To address the diversity of topics and challenges faced by our members and the affordable housing movement, ELPN uses a sub-committee structure. ELPN members decide whether or not to create subcommittees or to fold them if they are no longer necessary. Each subcommittee is responsible for organizing their own meeting logistics, developing relevant meeting content and creating workplans. Subcommittees are responsible for implementing activities and occasionally participating in special events.

Advocacy and Communications provides general communication support to ELPN and assumes the role of developing a comprehensive communications strategy that raises the profile of affordable housing as a field and offers an avenue to share the diverse perspectives of affordable housing professionals.The advocacy piece is focused on building our members’ ability to better understand and build the necessary skills to advocate for more affordable housing and housing justice through Lobby Days, affordable housing advocacy trainings, and reaching out to other sectors and community groups critical to advancing the cause of affordable housing. For more information contact: Breann Gala or Pedro Galvao


Professional Development fosters our members’ professional development by organizing trainings in technical and soft skills, inviting top speakers in affordable housing, leading tours of affordable properties, and putting together peer-to-peer networking events. For more information contact: Catherine Etzel or Claire Parisa


Recruitment is focused on improving the recruitment of talented young professionals into all sectors of the affordable housing industry. We believe that career paths in affordable housing appeal to people with a broad variety of interests, and that the field should be more visible to students, residents, and practitioners in related industries. For more information contact: Karim Sultan

The Steering Committee is an all-volunteer group that manages the day to day operations of ELPN whose members are each subcommittee coordinator and several at-large representatives. Feel free to reach out to members of our steering committee with questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns:


Advocacy and Communications:

Breann Gala (Resources for Community Development Housing)

Pedro Galvao (Non-Profit Housing)


Professional Development:

Catherine Etzel (The John Stewart Company)

Claire Parisa (Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation)



Karim Sultan (Episcopal Senior Communities)


Member Engagement:

Mitchell Crispell (BRIDGE Housing)


Special Events:

Andrew Buhrmann (Devine & Gong)



Ali Gaylord (BRIDGE Housing)



Lisa Howlett (BRIDGE Housing)




Questions? Contact Estephanie Sunga at estephanie@nonprofithousing.org