Property Stewardship Working Group

We encourage both Property and Asset Managers to bring ideas for group topics, as well as ideas for how NPH can be most helpful. This working group meets on an ad hoc basis. Want to get involved? Email or sign up here:


Property Stewardship Resources:

Broadband Toolkit: Providing Internet Access to Affordable Housing Residents
This resource is for all of you who are responsible for maintaining the computers, equipment, and networks serving the residents in your buildings. It is a guide to figuring out solutions for the day-to-day challenges that arise from providing broadband services to your residents.

Below are the results of a survey report of property management in supportive housing commissioned by Enterprise, Corporation for Supportive Housing, and REDF (formerly The Roberts Enterprise Development Fund):
Executive Summary
Full Report
Summary of Best Practices

ARRA Information
Overview of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Letter Advocating Ways to Maximize Use of Weatherization for Multifamily Housing
CA Energy Commission Powerpoint on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants and State Energy Program
Allocation of EECBG in California Communities
HUD Green Retrofit Program Outline