Resident Engagement Materials & Resources

NPH and the NPH Action Fund offer resident services engagement training, resources, and support through our Resident Services cohort to ensure that our members can reach, share information with, and engage affordable housing residents in the work that impacts them directly.

The Resident Services cohort works together to design and support resident engagement strategies, including integrated voter engagement and leadership development. Improving quality of life on property and lifting up the voice of residents in advocacy is an essential component of the affordable housing industry.

This page is intended to serve as a resource hub for our resident services cohort, providing resident engagement materials, resources, and other information.

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Resident Engagement Materials!

NPH Get out the Vote posters and flyers are free resources to encourage engagement and civic participation. Download color posters and post in common areas and offices. Please note that you can also order printed versions of this poster at no charge to NPH members by using this order form.


Arabic Get Out The Vote Poster

Chinese Get Out The Vote Poster

English Get Out The Vote Poster

Korean Get Out The Vote Poster

Spanish Get Out The Vote Poster

Tagalog Get Out The Vote Poster

Vietnamese Get Out The Vote Poster 

Resident Slate Card!

The NPH Slate Card is a free resource to educate and engage residents about the critical revenue measures on the November 2018 ballot. This card features Props 1 & 2 and also includes local revenue measures: Berkeley Measures O&P, San Francisco Prop C, San Jose Measure V, Santa Clara County Measure A, Santa Cruz County Measure H, Santa Rosa Measure N, and the Napa County TOT measures.

Download here

Please note that you can also order printed versions of this card in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese at no charge to NPH members by using this order form.

Additional Resources for Resident Services Staff
  • NPH’s Plan on how Resident Services will win funds for affordable homes: View NPH Plan




  • The Secretary of State’s Guide to Voter Registration Drives is designed to help you understand your responsibilities and requirements when helping people register to vote. View the Guide


  • Voter Registration Card Statement of Distribution and the legal requirements for anyone issuing registration cards. View voter registration rules


  • LifeSTEPS has prepared an Instructor Guide on effective Newsletters, Training, and Ice Breakers to use in voter registration and education efforts. View the LifeSTEPS Guide



  • NPH training: Watch the video below for a special guide from former NPH Political Director Sharon Cornu on Voter Registration as a Community Building Campaign
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