Youth Residents at MidPen Housing's Main Street Park. Photo by Craig Sherod

NACEDA: People and Places 2017

Join NACEDA in Washington DC for People & Places 2017, one of the most diverse and inclusive community development event in the nation. It brings together people from different regions, cultures, and national networks to share what's working to advance prosperity and strengthen places for...


Why Does Housing Cost So Much?

In 2014, The Urbanist ran an article titled “The Real Cost of Building Housing,” which looked at the exorbitant cost of construction in San Francisco. Over the past three years, these costs have continued to escalate. Join the panel to hear how the situation has evolved...


Zoning at 100: A Look Forward

What is the role of zoning in the Bay Area’s housing shortage? A new body of research is examining the role of local land regulation like zoning — often a reflection of local homeowner concerns rather than regional imperatives — in limiting the supply of...