Empowering BIPOC Managers and Executive Leaders to Transform our Sector

The Anti-Racist Champions of Change (ARCC) program is a full year of in-depth leadership development opportunities for non-profit affordable housing BIPOC managers and their executive-level leaders. If you’re an anti-racist champion of change and are ready to see your organization at the forefront of change, then this program is for you!

ARCC is designed to create safe space for us to come together to work toward dismantling oppressive power dynamics in the affordable housing movement and industry in the Bay Area. We aren’t talking about inviting more to the table; we want to rebuild the table entirely! We envision an affordable housing sector led by Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and their allies working together towards safe, stable, and affordable housing for all through a transformation of our organizations and our field.

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Background & Purpose

How did we get here? Learn about how NPH arrived at the creation of the ARCC program and the ways that the program is designed to: create space for personal growth for BIPOC leaders; center relationship building; focus on organizational change; and accelerate industry change.

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Who Is ARCC For?

Learn about the ARCC program details, including how the program is structured, its length, and how the program differs between the BIPOC Manager Experience and the Executive-Level Leader Experience and how they come together.

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The Impact

Learn more about the impacts at the personal, organizational, and sector level that we have designed the program to achieve.

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Upcoming ARCC Events & Programs

View information for upcoming informational sessions, cohorts, and other related ARCC events and activities.

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The BIPOC Manager Experience

The BIPOC Manager Experience of the ARCC program is designed for those who aspire to move toward senior/executive/C-Suite level leadership as well as move other marginalized folks up the ladder of leadership.

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The Executive-Level Leader Experience

The Executive-Level Leader Experience of the ARCC program is designed for those who are already committed to anti-racism, inclusion, and belonging at their organizations but are realizing that more is required of them to put these beliefs into concrete action.

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Please contact our Senior Racial Equity and Inclusion Program Manager, Monica Joe: monica@nonprofithousing.org