The BIPOC Manager Experience of the ARCC program is designed for those who aspire to move toward senior/executive/C-Suite level leadership as well as move other marginalized folks up the ladder of leadership. It’s for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) leaders who:

  • Are working at non-profit developer organizations
  • Are ready to be part of a movement to interrupt racism at the personal, organizational, and systemic levels;
  • Already have some experience moving their organization in this direction;
  • Value time to rest, retreat, and replenish; and
  • Want to make space for personal care, visioning, and healing.

Are you excited by these themes? Are you moved to believe that a new culture and way of being at work is not only possible but necessary for the future of our affordable housing industry? Do you believe in prioritizing, supporting, and encouraging BIPOC in leadership to shine? Then this program was made just for you!

More about the BIPOC Manager Experience:

Imagine a leadership development program designed to support the emergence of BIPOC-led organizations in the Bay Area’s affordable housing field. Imagine how this would impact the field as a whole? Your organization? And most importantly, how would this program impact YOU?

The BIPOC Manager Experience of ARCC is a multi-level, team-based cohort program specifically tailored to support BIPOC leaders and the emergence of BIPOC-led organizations in the affordable housing industry. The primary focus of ARCC is on BIPOC leaders. However, the initiative and work for positive change toward racial equity in our industry should not land only on the shoulders of BIPOC folks, those that have been marginalized at work and in life. To address this, we are offering a parallel ARCC Experience for executive leaders that work with BIPOC leaders at their organizations.

The BIPOC manager/leader participants will:
  • Participate in two, 2.5 day-long in-person retreats (opening retreat and closing retreat) that prioritize self, value, joy, and power
  • Receive 12 sessions of one/one coaching with a professional leadership coach
  • Participate in four, 2 day-long in-person learning sessions focused on interpersonal communications, managing people, financial leadership, and leading change and transition
  • Engage in peer learning/mentoring groups
  • Receive access to additional resources, such as webinars and resource banks
  • Engage in other NPH programs to present, facilitate conversations, and share their learnings beyond the cohort
  • Meet regularly with their ARCC team to collaborate on ways to accelerate organizational change at their own organization
  • Participate in providing input and feedback to NPH on program impact and experience so we can continue to improve ARCC for future cohorts