Policy & Advocacy

Resident youth at Community Housing Partnership's Arnett Watson Apartments in San Francisco. Photo by Federica Armstrong

NPH advocates for resources to build and preserve affordable homes in Sacramento, at the regional level, and throughout Bay Area cities and counties. Our Policy Team engages our members to collaborate with state and local elected officials and housing staff to create policies that ensure everyone has a safe, healthy, affordable home.


NPH has a proven track record in legislative advocacy and providing technical assistance to develop effective affordable housing policy. Our efforts help ensure that all California residents have a safe, healthy and affordable place to live.


Dedicated local funding is the key to competing successfully for state and federal matching funds, as well as critical to keeping families, seniors, and people with disabilities in the neighborhoods where they have contributed to the diverse and vibrant community we all enjoy. NPH undertakes targeted, focused campaigns to build and preserve affordable homes and stabilize neighborhoods.


NPH’s Policy team works with community partners, city staff and elected officials, and cross-industry allies throughout the nine-county region. Our team provides practical policy solutions, shares best practice learnings, and builds consensus to create thriving and equitable communities.

Policy & Advocacy Highlights

Working Groups

NPH’s policy agenda and advocacy work is informed and guided by the members that join our Working Groups- experts in the fields of housing, finance and government. As an NPH member we invite you to attend Working Groups such as the Legislative Issues Committee and the Emerging Leaders Peer Network, which can help you connect with peers in the housing community, share best practices and stay up to date with affordable housing issues.

Legislative Issues


Formed in 1983, the NPH Legislative Issues Committee discusses issues related to housing policy, funding, and programs on the regional, state, and federal levels, and makes preliminary recommendations to guide and inform NPH’s position on each issue. This group meets the first Thursday of each month, typically from 9:30 – 11:30 am. At times, the committee meets for a longer period of time to accommodate longer agenda items, such as reviewing bills and establishing legislative priorities. For more information please contact Michael Lane, NPH Policy Director at michael@nonprofithousing.org.

The Emerging Leaders Peer Network


The Emerging Leaders Peer Network (ELPN) is a platform for growth, achievement, and opportunity among a cohort of affordable housing practitioners and advocates. ELPN fosters members’ long-term personal and professional development, and helps build connections that support the affordable housing industry. Join us as an emerging leader and develop your passion for affordable housing! For more information please contact Pedro Galvao at pedro@nonprofithousing.org. Learn more about ELPN

Ad Hoc Working Groups


In cases where certain legislative, regulatory or policy issues require more in-depth attention than the Legislative Issues Committee can provide, ad hoc committees are formed to work with staff in a more focused manner. NPH is currently running an ad hoc TCAC Working Group and will be launching local and regional Housing Action Teams, as well as a Strategic Communications Council in 2016. Learn more