Shift the Bay: Seize the Housing Narrative

Seize the Narrative: Changing Hearts & Minds for Housing Justice

Narrative Shift in Action

To achieve a future where everyone in the Bay Area can remain and prosper in the region, we must change narratives and attitudes about affordable housing and housing justice. Our approach to narrative shift reflects a multi-year, strategic endeavor to advance housing and racial justice at a meaningful scale that supports short- and mid-term policy wins while setting a foundation for big, bold, systemic change.

Narrative Shift in Action: Impact & Current Work

Building Public Support: Regional Public Information Campaign Our work-to-date has enabled us to deliver a research-driven, coordinated public information campaign designed to change hearts and minds around affordable housing and racial justice: Begins with Home

What This Looks Like This campaign will leverage our coalition-building, research, and implementation know-how to reach into the Bay Area’s  communities to replace stories of pessimism and despair with stories of hope, love, and what’s possible when we come together as neighbors. Now, we’re growing the political will and public support we need from Bay Area residents to create a more powerful housing justice movement and an affordable, thriving Bay Area.

🔊 Strengthening Coalition Capacity Since 2020, we’ve been building sustainable infrastructure to strengthen skills, expand capacities, and spread shared messages across all four corners of the Bay Area. 

What This Looks Like In partnership with a growing network of over 350 organizations spanning issues, industries, and audiences, we’re investing in our region’s collective ability to drive narrative change together through communications tools, resourcing, and expertise. 

📊 Research, Testing, Evaluation Our motto is “learn, refine, repeat!” This ongoing process allows us to remain responsive to changes in the world around us and evaluate the impacts of our work. 

What This Looks Like In addition to focus groups, community conversations, field and media analysis, and online AB testing, our Annual Housing Narrative Survey of Bay Area Voters helps us understand the values  and attitudes influencing housing and racial justice, as well as the policies and messages resonating with Bay Area residents. 

🏙️ Targeted, Local Implementation We put our narrative strategy into practice by “planting a thousand seeds” for housing justice in the 9-county Bay Area and offering real-time application opportunities for narrative strategy. 

What This Looks Like In collaboration with our partner organizations, we’re resourcing and executing a diverse range of communications projects, from organizing communities for housing solutions to trying out new social media platforms and messages.

Join Shift the Bay: Our Learning Community

Narrative Strategy to Build Power

NPH leads Shift the Bay, an  advocacy and community organization-oriented space that delivers research-driven, field-practiced strategies, tactics, and messages that will help our movement drive new narratives about  housing  – ones of justice, hope,  and possibility! Together with a diverse range of organizations, Shift the Bay fosters alignment on proven and concrete tactics that can help us win affordable housing resources and reforms at the legislature and ballot box.

Join Shift the Bay and Get:

  • Access to our latest research and findings from the field
  • Trainings on organizing, media engagement, and digital strategy
  • Technical assistance to support effective narrative implementation 
  • Resources like plug-and-play language and messaging guides
  • Connection to our diverse network of housing and racial justice partners
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Public Information Campaign 2024: Begins with Home

Begins with Home is Shift the Bay’s 2024 public information campaign designed to build the public support we need to advance affordable housing solutions. This campaign invites our Bay Area community to be part of a new movement of advocates and neighbors — renters and landlords, homeowners and people experiencing homelessness — joining together to unlock a new future for the Bay Area where no one is left behind.

Begins with Home

Narrative Shift Resources

Ready to start using our tested and proven work? Dive into narrative tools, like our playbook and messaging guides, and grow your skills with a range of strategic communications trainings.

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