Seize the Narrative on Housing Justice

NPH is the proud anchor-organization of the Bay Area “Shift the Bay” Initiative, our months-long, coalition-driven initiative to advance housing and racial justice in the Bay Area. 

In partnership with a diverse range of organizations from all over the Bay Area and spanning multi-industry, issues, and audiences, we are working to advance research-driven and field-practiced strategies, tactics, and messages that will help us seize this powerful moment to drive new narratives for our movement!

Our Playbook

Our Playbook builds from local lay of the land, field analysis, a robust regional research program — as well as collaboration and coordination with state and national narrative shift efforts — to offer concrete guidance on how to advance housing and racial justice here, locally and regionally.

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Our Webinar Series & Resources

In Fall 2020, NPH hosted a 3-part webinar series to review strategies and message guidance, dig deep into Bay Area-specific research, and explore application in our movement’s work ahead.

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Join our Community

From message guides and coordinated research to trainings and a community Slack, check out the Shift the Bay coalition hub for tools, resources, and access to our community of experts and consultants.


Meet Our Initiative & Partners

Learn more about who we are, what we’re doing, where we are headed, and how you can join us:


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