Shift the Bay: Seize the Housing Narrative

Seize the Narrative: Changing Hearts and Minds for Housing Justice

How can we change narratives and attitudes about affordable housing and housing justice? Shifting public opinion is half of our battle, which is why NPH leads the Shift the Bay initiative, a collaborative effort designed to deliver research-driven, field-practiced strategies, tactics, and messages that will help our movement drive new narratives around affordable housing.

In partnership with a diverse range of organizations from all over the Bay Area and spanning multi-industry, issues, and audiences, the initiative has supported the region’s affordable housing movement with new message guides and tools, new research, and the production of the Seize the Narrative Playbook, which offers concrete guidance on how to advance housing and racial justice, locally and regionally.

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Check out this short video to learn more about who we are, what we’re doing, where we are headed, and how you can join us:

Our Introductory Webinar Series

Are you ready to dive in and learn more about our Shift the Bay work? Check out this 3-part webinar series to see how Shift the Bay got started, including initial research that informed our Seize the Narrative Playbook. The webinars review strategies and message guidance, dig deep into our Bay Area-specific research, and explore application ahead in your own work.

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Our Playbook & Other Resources

What is housing justice? Why is shifting the narrative so important, and how can we do it? Together, we can make the case for housing and win! Our Seize the Narrative Playbook offers concrete guidance on how to advance housing and racial justice, locally and regionally. We also offer these additional resources that work alongside the Playbook:

  • Message Guide The Playbook’s message templates, sample messaging, and more in a convenient message guide!
  • Quick Reference Message Guide In a pinch? Grab the Playbook’s most compelling messages for a quick copy/paste into your work!

Join our Community

Want to go deeper? Join the Shift the Bay Slack Channel for direct feedback and guidance from our initiative experts, updates and insights on the campaigns our table members and initiative are advancing in real-time, peer learning, community connections, and more!

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Housing Elements

The Housing Elements process is one of our region’s most important opportunities to advance an ambitious, equitable, and sustainable vision for housing. Informed by Shift the Bay narrative research, NPH is excited to provide community engagement resources that advocates can adapt to educate, engage, and mobilize across the Bay Area.

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Upcoming Shift the Bay Events

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To view materials from past events, including recordings, slide decks, and other resources, see our Tools for You and Grow Your Skills sections on the Shift the Bay website. (Make sure to click the orange downward-facing button to view more resources on each page!)


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