40 Years of Progress

NPH was founded 40 years ago as a place to connect, strengthen, and grow the affordable housing industry. Together, NPH and our members have made steady, critical progress in fulfilling our mission to make the Bay Area a place where everyone has an affordable and stable home.

In recent years, NPH has tackled bigger and bolder initiatives than ever before to advance our mission and build a future where everyone has a place to call home and where low-income communities and communities of color stay and prosper in the Bay Area. We measure our success by looking at our work through NPH’s core values:


NPH has a track record of success securing meaningful and impactful policy and investments for affordable housing production and preservation, through our legislative, regional, and electoral policy programs. Since 2016, NPH helped secure over $11 billion of new investments to build and preserve affordable homes. Our work included passing a permanent source of funding for affordable housing at the state level, as well as winning more than a dozen state and regional revenue measures. NPH has also spearheaded just and equitable state and regional land use and housing legislation such as strengthening inclusionary zoning, dedicating BART lands for affordable housing, prioritizing public land for public good, and creating a new Bay Area regional housing entity.


NPH has grown our membership, partners, and coalitions to ensure that our strategies are informed by stakeholders and the big picture. In recent years, we’ve invested in new trainings and initiatives to help our industry and movement grow, including new programs to support resident services staff in their professional development as well as messaging and narrative shift trainings and resources. And we are cultivating the next generation of affordable housing leaders, including growing NPH’s Emerging Leaders Peer Network founded in 2014, and launching our Bay Area Housing Internship Program in 2018.


Equity is at the core of our mission and rooted in all of our programs and offerings. Building on the conversations and work begun in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion working group, NPH launched our Racial Equity Action Plan working group in 2019 to develop, integrate, and institutionalize racial equity throughout our industry, policies, and community engagement.


As a membership organization, NPH is uniquely positioned to harness the energy, ideas, and expertise of practitioners, and to activate a broad and diverse network to achieve our collective mission. Each year, our annual conference brings together nearly 1,000 affordable housing leaders and advocates. Our working groups meet regularly throughout the year to offer members the opportunity to network and brainstorm together in the arenas that matter most to them, from legislative issues to strategic communications and more. Our members represent thousands of individuals and organizations — including non-profit affordable housing developers, advocates, community leaders and businesses — and continue to grow every year.