The Executive-Level Leader Experience of the ARCC program is designed for those who are already committed to anti-racism, inclusion, and belonging at their non-profit developer organizations but are realizing that more is required of them to put these beliefs into concrete action. They possess a particular will and readiness to take on racial equity head-on.

More about the Executive-Level Leader Experience:

ARCC is a multi-level, team-based cohort leadership development program designed to support an emergence of non-profit developer organizations led by Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in the Bay Area’s affordable housing industry. Each team will consist of at least one executive-level leader who is willing and ready to support BIPOC leadership in their organization and in the field more broadly.

While the primary focus of the program will be on BIPOC leaders, we are offering this parallel program for executive leaders that will include time as a separate cohort as well as time integrated into the BIPOC Manager Experience.

The Executive-Level Leader Experience Will Include:
  • Participation in one full day for each of the two, 2.5 day-long retreats (opening retreat and closing retreat)
  • Providing input and feedback to NPH on program impact and experience so we can continue to improve ARCC for future cohorts
  • Four, 90-minute live Zoom-based sessions related to developing stronger allyship skills
  • A vetted roster of allyship and anti-racist coaches (for you to choose from and contract with)
  • Choosing an “equity stretch goal” and committing to practicing it in real-time in your organization over the course of the program
Possible Topics of monthly sessions:
  • Strengthening your analysis of structural racism in housing (and your ability to communicate it)
  • Deepening your awareness of your personal anti-racist journey
  • Allyship: what really are the skills?
  • Breaking white silence: how to speak up
  • Repair: how do I heal and reconnect after making a mistake?
  • Anti-racist management practices