Are You Ready to Vote for Housing?

Housing Measure Campaign Materials Ready to Ship or Download
September 16, 2016
October 11, 2016

If you attended the NPH Conference, you heard loud and clear from our partners in local government – major re-investments in affordable homes are on the November 8 ballot, but we won’t win without your leadership.

Here’s what you can do today:



  • Make an organizational or personal contribution if you have not already (if you have already, thank you, please ask your networks, too!)



Look for these resources on the NPH Action Fund website and our YouTube channel:



Order directly from or call Armand Hernandez at (415) 989-8160 x35.


Thanks to everyone for your support and leadership at this critical time. Over the next 5 weeks, our efforts can help take the #AffordableHousing Measures across the finish line – and help thousands of people across the Bay Area!