NPH Conference Schedule:

Conference schedule

2023 Workshop Schedule:

Learn alongside the practitioners who know affordable housing inside and out. Our workshops will cover a range of powerful topics, such as:

  • Session 1 (9:15AM-10:30AM PT)
    • A Day in the Life of Frontline Staff
    • Embedding Racial Equity into Affordable Housing Strategic
    • Transformative Electoral Wins in 2024 for California and the Bay Area and Lessons from New York City
    • Supplier Diversity: Pathways To Solutions & AB 2873
    • Investing and Lending in Affordable Housing – Maximizing Impact Beyond Dollars
    • High-Resource Developments: Lessons Learned
    • Winter Is Coming – Organizational Sustainability In Hard Times
  • Session 2 (1:15PM – 2:30PM PT)
    • How to Talk about Affordable Housing as a Homelessness Solution
    • Rehab’s Back, Alright!
    • The Housing Needs of Black Californians — Solutions that focus on health, affordability, and racial justice
    • Innovation Approaches for Accelerating Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Development
    • Super NOFA – Past, Present & Future: A Conversation with HCD
    • New Tools for Community Preservation
    • Achieving Equitable TOD amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery
  • Session 3 (3:15PM – 4:30pm PT)
    • Updates and Trends – New Developments at TCAC and CDLAC
    • Debating Permanent Supportive Housing Systems Change
    • What Does it Take to Advance Equitable Faith-Based Development?
    • A New Narrative for The Bay Area: Inspiring Courageous Hope for Housing Justice
    • Centering Community in Transformative Housing Solutions
    • Creating a Resident Retention Policy – Promoting Equity in Housing
    • Breaking Down Barriers in Affordable Housing Finance

See the complete workshop schedule here.

NPH Conference Keynote Session

At times, our vision can feel as impossible as it is crucial: achieving a Bay Area where every single person has a safe place to call home. We have a long way to go, but our biggest obstacle isn’t the work ahead, it’s despair.

When all we can see are the urgent unmet needs around us, how do we cultivate the courage of millions of our neighbors to dream of what is possible, and act to make it real?

Learn from a panel of nationally renowned social movement builders – from climate to racial justice – on why a strategy filled with joy, healing, and positivity is a winning strategy. We’ll see how we can overcome the despair and defeatism that hinder our progress – and how building a joyful, courageous movement begins with you and me.

Conference panelists and moderator