THANK YOU FOR JOINING US for the Fall 2020 “Seize the Housing Narrative” Playbook and Webinar series, the release and results of our months-long, coalition-driven initiative to advance housing and racial justice in the Bay Area. 

The “Seize the Narrative” Playbook offers research-driven and field-practiced strategies, tactics, and messages that can seize this powerful moment to drive new narratives for our movement. The Playbook builds from local lay of the land, field analysis, and a robust regional research program — as well as collaboration and coordination with state and national housing justice researchers, organizers, and narrative experts — to offer concrete guidance on how to advance housing and racial justice here, locally and regionally. 

Our 3-part web series set out to review strategies and message guidance, dig deep into our Bay Area-specific research, and explore application ahead in your own work. View each session recording and resources below.

Unveiling the Shift the Narrative Playbook: Moving a Housing Justice Agenda Forward (September 16, 2020)

Resources & References from the Session

  • View and download the Playbook here.
  • Increase your narrative tactical knowledge and skill sets by signing up for the statewide CZI Learning Lab. (Don’t be put off by the registration deadline — CZI is keeping registration open to latecomers!)
  • NPH Spotify playlist – a collection of songs assembled by the NPH staff mid-2020 to inspire, motivate, or otherwise reflect on our current environment .
  • The Wiz’s “Home” – Brought up as we discussed… What does home mean? What can home mean? How can we show this?

The Research Behind the Playbook (September 23, 2020)

Resources & References from the Session

  • View the focus group research slides here
  • View the public opinion polling research slides here.
  • “We are not the base.”

Moving from Messaging to Narrative (September 30, 2020)

Resources & References from the Session

  • View the messaging presentation slides.
  • Seeding new visions, laying new narratives as we go about our work: A powerful example from Black Lives Matter
    • Click here to watch the #WhatMatters2020 video
    • Click here to learn more about the #WhatMatters2020 campaign
  • Building footholds and handholds into our mountain’s climb for big systems change: Click here for the Grassroots Policy “Three Faces of Power” diagram.