San Mateo Daily Journal: Data points to enlarging housing gap

Op-Ed: Take action for affordable housing in the Bay Area
May 7, 2017
How to Get $2 Billion for Affordable Homes
May 11, 2017

Housing advocates are pointing to newly released data about the growing gap of affordable options in San Mateo County as evidence that both state and local officials must act.


“The data was released Friday just as Affordable Housing Week kicked off in conjunction with the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California.

A prime purpose of the assessment is to advocate for a change in policies and funding. The HLC has been urging the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors to commit at least $30 million a year from the countywide half-cent sales tax Measure K. The board is considering up to $25 million a year from the measure that was extended by voters in November after a campaign that emphasized affordable housing needs.

At a statewide level, the groups are also supporting various pieces of legislation. They’re advocating for Senate Bill 2, the Building Homes and Jobs Act. It’s expected to generate up to $300 million annually for affordable housing through a new $75 fee for recording real estate documents.

Other legislation includes Assembly Bill 71, which would eliminate tax credits for second homes; Assembly Bill 1505, which seeks to enable local governments to enact inclusionary zoning ordinances; and reducing the voter threshold for local housing bonds to 55 percent, similar to education facility bonds.”

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