Advancing Housing Justice in the time of COVID-19: Resources for our work

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March 11, 2020
Make Sure Residents Can Stay in Their Homes
March 31, 2020

NPH’s core mission and values have long demonstrated our commitment to working together to advance affordable homes as the foundation for thriving individuals, families, and neighborhoods. Our current COVID-19 environment calls on all of us to affirm these commitments and unite together in support of these values.

We recognize that our members, partners, and supporters are facing uncertainty about how to continue our work in the midst of social distancing recommendations. Events and gatherings have been postponed or cancelled, workers are home with children amidst school closures, and we are all striving to ensure our families’ and communities’ health and safety.

While large gatherings have been delayed, our work to advance affordable housing solutions and housing justice must not be. This public health crisis exposes even more clearly just how critical safe, stable, homes are to our communities’ ability to get and stay healthy. Any one person’s wellness depends on everyone else’s, and we will get through this emergency by uniting behind policies that ensure all of our neighbors have a safe, stable place to go to and the ability to take care of their children, eat well, and stay in their homes.

We’re committed to sharing resources, tools, and opportunities to advance our movement and create solutions for our communities. If you have any resources that you feel should be included, please send them along to us at for consideration.

Updated Wednesday, April 22


Engage with NPH

Our current public health crisis exposes even more clearly just how critical safe, stable, homes are to our communities’ ability to get and stay healthy. As the regional convener of the Bay Area affordable housing community, NPH is calling on our state leaders to address our public health emergency now as well as set a path for our health and economic stability ahead. We must prioritize safe, stable homes and commit to working together to support our most vulnerable.


Regulations and policies that affect affordable housing

Read our letter to the administration: NPH recently shared a letter to the administration, alongside our state partners, highlighting the need for immediate regulatory actions to help affordable housing.

Learn how housing is affected by the pandemic: Cal Matters rounded up five rapidly evolving housing issues to watch in light of COVID-19 here. Check back soon for more on these efforts.

Consider policy options ahead that keep our communities strong, healthy, and thriving: Local cities like San Francisco and Oakland, for example, have issued a moratorium on residential evictions in order to ensure that people have a safe, stable place to get and stay well during this outreach. For more clarity read KQED’s article of paying rent during the pandemic here


Resources to support affordable housing work and movement

Communicate with lawmakers, media, colleagues, and your friends and family in the time of COVID-19: In moments of crisis, new narratives, new policies and new social behaviors are established. This can cut both ways – the 2008 recession imprinted the idea of “The 1%”, while Hurricane Katrina led to mass privatization of public institutions in New Orleans. How we act and what we say in this moment can help define perceptions, assumptions and policy preferences in our communities, state and country. But we must act quickly, in coordination and at scale. Read more.

Refer to and learn from this COVID-19 repository: All Home has created a centralized repository that highlights key resources and answers critical questions for affordable housing community stakeholders to serve the Bay Area’s homeless and low income populations. 

Explore COVID-19 housing/homelessness resources:  The National Low Income Housing Coalition has rounded up the latest news, guidance, and resources on the COVID-19 as it relates to housing and homelessness including the recordings from the Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition here.

Understand the signs and symptoms for high-risk populations and guidance for direct service providers: The State of California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency has released guidance on health preparedness for homeless assistance providers on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The guidance is available here.

Learn how to continue social justice work through the COVID-19 pandemic: As we prepare for the worst possible impacts of COVID-19, activists and organizers need to think not only about what they’re organizing for, but how they’re organizing. Find a list of resources created by Bay Rising here.

Request an operations guide: Mercy Housing has developed COVID-19 operations guides for property management and resident services. If you are interested in one or both of these excellent resources to adapt for your properties and staff, please drop us a line for more information.


Recommendations and regulations for Bay Area residents

Stay updated on the latest recommendations and regulations from our government officials:

  • The Center for Disease Control: The national agency has guidance on how to protect yourself, what to do if your sick, as well as critical resources around travel, schools and childcare, workplaces, and community & faith based organizations. Read more.
  • California Governor Newsom: The governor’s administration announced a new web resource to answer questions about COVID-19 for California residents. Utilize the state government resource page here.
  • Bay Area “Shelter in Place” ordinances: Many Bay Area Counties have issued “shelter in place” orders, directing all residents to stay inside their homes and away from others as much as possible. Read the full order here and visit your local County’s website for the latest information.
  • Read the COVID-19 immigrant guide: Created in partnership with Listos California, this guide provides tips about services — including public benefits — that are available to immigrant Californians, including some that are available regardless of immigration status. Read the guide.
  • Become a better neighbor for the elderly: The County Advisory Council on Aging has created a Be A Good Neighbor flier loaded with good information, tips and resource phone numbers to help with the elderly or disabled neighbors and loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay updated on COVID-19 information by county:


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We will pull through this by pulling together.