Bay Area Impact Fees

Bay Area Impact Fees


Bay Area Cities with Impact Fees

As people move into new market-rate homes and office buildings, they generate a need for services typically provided by low-wage workers, such as restaurant and retail work. Recognition of this link has led to growing interest in the use of housing impact (HIF) and commercial linkage fees (CLF). These fees are assessed by square foot or by unit on new, market-rate residential development and commercial development as defined in each jurisdiction’s ordinances.

NPH has worked tirelessly across the Bay Area to help pass legislation authorizing impact fees in Daly City, Emeryville and San Jose, with efforts in San Mateo County still underway. In addition to new fees, NPH helped Mountain View and Sunnyvale increase existing fees in 2014.

Please see our report of Bay Area Impact Fees for a list of Bay Area jurisdictions that have adopted housing impact and/or commercial linkage fees to fund affordable housing development. Please note this is a working document and will be updated regularly as cities change their fees. Please email with any questions on the above report or if you have any updates/changes.