Builder and Developer Magazine: The Key to Our Future

blue water with homes on the edge
Alameda Sun: Governor Signs Legislation Preventing Excessive Rent Increases for Bay Area Floating Homes
October 12, 2022
Inside the California State Legislature
2022 Legislative Summary: Winning & Building Momentum for 2023
October 31, 2022

“Housing affordability and homelessness solutions are top priorities for Americans and it is clear why: safe, stable and affordable homes are foundational for thriving families, neighborhoods, and communities. 

We all have a personal story about what home means to us. We know how important a home is, or the terrible impact of being unhoused – for our health and wellness, kids and elders, education and job opportunities and for planning for our future.

It is the key to the world so many of us strive for…”

This article was authored by NPH Executive Director, Amie Fishman. Read more via Builder and Developer Magazine.”