Davis Vanguard: Affordable Housing Bill Gets Union Support

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February 17, 2023
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Sacramento, CA – This week, two of the largest unions in California—SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and CSEA (California State Employees Association)—endorsed SB 4, a bill that would allow religious institutions and nonprofit colleges to build 100% affordable housing projects on their property by-right, even if local zoning prevents this housing.

The two unions—collectively representing nearly one million members—join the California Conference of Carpenters in support of the legislation, which was introduced as SB 899 in 2020 and passed the Senate 39-0.

“This measure would make building affordable housing easier, faster, and cheaper on land owned by faith-based institutions and nonprofit colleges,” a February 17 support letter from the unions said.

Housing costs have been a problem for working people.

The letter noted, “Housing costs have far outstripped any gains workers have made at the bargaining table.”

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