KQED: Housing, Homelessness Were California Lawmakers’ Top Priorities Before Pandemic. Where Do They Stand Now?

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May 28, 2020
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“Gov. Gavin Newsom began the year with a tour of homeless and mental health services providers around the state, ending in Oakland, where he declared homelessness “the issue of our time.”

“With more than 151,000 people living in tents, RVs, cars and shelters across the state, the governor announced a one-time allocation of $750 million aimed at reducing homelessness  — something his predecessor, Gov. Jerry Brown, had been loath to do.

“Then came the coronavirus.

“California’s economy suddenly shut down. As attention turned to easing the worst impacts of an expected economic crisis, hopes for dramatically advancing housing construction and reducing homelessness grew dim.

“But advocates involved in housing work across the state say all was not lost in the truncated legislative session, which is now in heading into summer recess. The Legislature still has some three dozen housing bills — albeit not as ambitious as some lawmakers initially hoped — that have been approved by their house of origin and are now moving on to the next chamber.”

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