Medium: A New Era for Affordable Housing

Inside the California State Legislature
2022 Legislative Summary: Winning & Building Momentum for 2023
October 31, 2022
Housing building with "do not enter" sign in front
KQED: In Pushing Affordable Housing Measures, Local Leaders Ask Voters to Contend With Racist Housing Law
November 7, 2022
AB2011 rally by Buffy Wicks

Bay Area residents, please take a moment to imagine a region with an abundance of affordable housing and where no one is homeless. Imagine a government that is responsive and well-resourced. Imagine a home community you are proud of, reflecting our values of inclusion and belonging, cultural diversity, and racial and economic equity and opportunity.

If this is a hard vision to picture, you’re not alone. The recent Bay Area News Group and Joint Venture Silicon Valley poll demonstrated a sense of “doom and gloom” and “generalized angst.” Bay Area residents view cost of housing, cost of living, and homelessness as the most serious issues facing our communities and doubt that improvements will come. 62% said the Bay Area is on the “wrong track,” and nearly three-quarters of respondents said quality of life in the Bay Area has worsened during the last five years.

And yet, there is reason for hope. California Assembly Bill 2011 — the breakthrough housing production bill authored by Assemblymember Buffy Wicks — was recently signed by Governor Newsom and offers decisive progress for our communities.

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