National Housing Award Goes to Two Bay Area Affordable Housing Organizations

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March 20, 2017
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April 6, 2017

National Housing Award Goes to Two Bay Area Affordable Housing Organizations
NPH and EBHO Recognized With Prestigious National Award for November Electoral Work

San Francisco, California – Two local affordable housing advocacy organizations were honored today by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) as recipients of the NLIHC Organizing Award, a prestigious award granted annually for outstanding achievement in state or local resident organizing.

This year is the first time NLIHC has granted a shared award, an honor that the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) and East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) were pleased to share and acknowledged the Bay Area’s unique environment, collaborative work, and outstanding results.

“The Bay Area has long been known as leading in housing problems. Now, we’re delighted to be emerging as leaders for housing solutions,” said Amie Fishman, NPH Executive Director. “NPH members, board, and staff were proud to work together to support our communities and generate significant, much-needed revenue for affordable housing opportunities.”

“By rallying behind these ballot measures, our East Bay community spoke up strongly for inclusive and diverse communities,” said Gloria Bruce, EBHO Executive Director. “Especially at this national moment, EBHO is proud to be advancing housing justice locally by bringing together resident leaders, nonprofit developers and advocates.”

NPH Political Director Sharon Cornu accepts prestigious NLIHC Organizing Award on April 3, 2017

EBHO and NPH were recognized for the organizations’ respective roles initiating, supporting, and driving success for affordable housing policy via a number of local San Francisco Bay Area ballot measures this past fall, including Measure A (Santa Clara County), Measure A1 (Alameda County), Measure K (San Mateo County), Measure KK (Oakland), and Measure U1 (Berkeley.)

In accepting the award Monday, NPH Political Director Sharon Cornu acknowledged NPH member residents and staff. “It was residents’ stories that spurred Supervisors to place the measures on the ballot. It was resident leaders who supported our voter registration and engagement program. And, frankly, it may have been residents’ votes got the ‘yesses’ over the line,” said Cornu.

While the vote margins in Alameda and San Mateo Counties were strong, it took two weeks of counting mail and provisional ballots in Santa Clara County before victory could be declared with certainty. With a margin of just over 8,000 votes, the votes of 10,000 Santa Clara County residents of NPH members’ affordable homes were significant.

“We won because we supported residents in taking the lead on the campaign outreach and connection to the community,” said Adlemy Garcia, EBHO organizer. “Residents of affordable housing and market rate renters that have been in the fight against displacement came together to show that we have a duty to work in unity to uplift each other higher than ourselves, to provide support for the most in need.”


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The Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) is a member organization of more than 750 developers, advocates, community leaders, and businesses across Northern California who are working to build a future where everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home. NPH’s November 2016 work included initiating, supporting, and securing more than $2 billion to create affordable housing in three Bay Area Counties, via Santa Clara County Measure A, Alameda County Measure A1, and San Mateo County K.

East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) brings together community members, public officials, nonprofit housing developers, residents, service providers, planners, professionals, and advocates in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties to build a movement to ensure everyone has a safe, healthy, and affordable place to call home. EBHO’s November 2016 efforts included working in coalition to support local Measures JJ and KK in Oakland and U1 in Berkeley to protect and preserve affordable housing and supporting Measure A1 in Alameda County to create new affordable housing revenue.