NBC News: “‘Where’s everybody going to go?’ Survivors of California’s Camp Fire struggle to find housing”

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November 16, 2018
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November 23, 2018

“After fleeing California’s devastating Camp Fire, Victor Marino set up a tent in behind a church in Oroville, where he slept last week even as the temperature dropped into the 40s…

Marino, 26, is one of more than 13,000 evacuees in Butte County who have applied to FEMA for disaster assistance to help with housing and other basic needs after the worst fire in California’s history, which left at least 83 dead and 563 possibly missing as of Wednesday night. Like many of those who were displaced, he is still stuck in limbo and scrambling for a place to live…

Those who receive housing assistance will still need to find a place to stay in a region that was already facing a serious housing shortage even before disaster struck. “There aren’t a whole bunch of vacant homes to be rented or thousands of hotel rooms at that scale,” said Amie Fishman, executive director of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, which advocates for affordable housing.”

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