NPH Executive Director on KCBS Radio: “Communities committed to supporting needs of neighbors”

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April 10, 2017
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April 18, 2017

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KCBS Radio: April 9, 2017

Last November, Bay Area voters passed a number of city and county measures aimed at ensuring affordable housing for low-income families.

As KCBS’ Jeff Bell tells us, two local organizations are being recognized for their help on that front.

“We were honored to receive this award on behalf of our resident volunteers, members, and staff.” 

That’s Amie Fishman, Executive Director of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California. And the award to which she’s referring comes from the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Each year, it recognizes an organization for outstanding achievement in state, local, and resident organizing. And this year, it named two recipients, both of them located right here.

“The Bay Area has long been known as leading in housing problems. Now we’re emerging as leaders for housing solutions, too.”

Also honored, the advocacy coalition known as East Bay Housing Organizations. Together, the groups helped secure passage of a number of affordable housing measures; at the city level, in Oakland and Berkeley, and at the County level “in Santa Clara County, Measure A; in Alameda County, Measure A1; and in San Mateo County, Measure K.”

All that success, says Fishman, sends a powerful message. “It demonstrates that our communities are committed to supporting the needs of our neighbors and the inclusive values of our communities.”

Community and Resident Organizer Adlemy Garcia with East Bay Housing Organizations tells KCBS that the award calls attention to the importance of resident leadership.

Jeff Bell, KCBS.

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