NPH Priority Bill 2019: Housing Alliance for the Bay Area (AB 1487: Chiu)

NPH Priority Bill 2019: Expand the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (AB 10: Chiu)
March 29, 2019
NPH Priority Bill 2019: More HOMES Act of 2019 (SB 50: Wiener)
March 29, 2019

Through AB 1487, the Bay Area can join together to find Bay Area-specific solutions to our region’s housing affordability needs. New regional funding and programs will strengthen our region with more affordable homes and protections for longtime residents to ensure all Bay Area residents, no matter their color or income, have a safe, stable, affordable place to call home.


Our Bay Area region’s challenges don’t stop and start at our county borders; it’s time that our solutions don’t either. Addressing the Bay Area’s housing affordability crisis as a region is vital to advancing racial and economic equity. AB 1487 creates the Housing Alliance for the Bay Area (HABA), new, bold regional funding and programs that will help our Bay Area address our housing affordability needs.


AB 1487 provides regional solutions for our regional problems by equipping the Bay Area with a regional, cross-county strategy for funding and programs that address affordable housing and tenant protections.

AB 1487 creates the Housing Alliance for the Bay Area (HABA), a first step to building the new regional housing infrastructure needed to solve our housing and displacement needs. HABA will develop new programs and funding to support regional strategies to create more affordable homes and protect longtime residents. HABA will:

  • Incentivize outcomes by providing resources and tools;
  • Provide funding and financing to advance production, preservation, and protection strategies;
  • And deploy technical assistance to bolster local capacity and generate useful data to inform our local housing policies and programs.


As the Bay Area searches for solutions to our housing and displacement crisis, one thing is clear: our region will be stronger and better equipped to tackle this challenge together as the Bay Area. The Bay Area’s housing market is regional, and AB 1487 offers the regional approach we need by creating tools, programs, and funding that extend across our county borders.

A new, bold regional approach to address housing affordability and tenant protections will equip our Bay Area region with the funding and programs our community needs. HABA gives the Bay Area the opportunity to come together across our nine counties, commit to developing regional solutions, and help every Bay Area resident regardless of income or color to have a safe, stable, affordable place to call home.


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