NPH statement on today’s Senate Bill 50 vote

Statement on Senate Bill 50 from NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman
January 30, 2020
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January 31, 2020


Dear Friend,

Just now, California state senators rejected Senate Bill 50, which means that this bill will not advance this year. NPH had co-sponsored this bill, which we viewed as a big, bold solution for affordable housing in California, and a critical opportunity for our region and state to produce badly needed housing so that all our neighbors have a place to call home, no matter their race or income.

While we’re disappointed that SB 50 did not pass today, we know that today’s vote does not mark the end of the conversation; it instead begins a new one.

As co-sponsors of Senate Bill 50; as vocal advocates for the 3Ps framework that anchors production, preservation, and protections together; and as a longstanding organization with racial equity and inclusion embedded in our core values and mission for 40 years, NPH is committed to advancing this dialogue. We can create meaningful solutions for all our neighbors, and we must do it together.

California families and workers are counting on our elected leaders to advance big, bold solutions for a future where all of our seniors, families, workers, and all our neighbors have access to safe, stable, affordable homes. To get there, we’re going to need to embrace new strategies and commit to large scale investments.

NPH is committed to partnering with our members, partners, community stakeholders, and elected officials to chart a path to a future where everyone has a place to call home and where low-income communities and communities of color stay and prosper. We call on every Californian to join us.

Thank you,

Amie Fishman
NPH Executive Director  

P.S. For more information about Senate Bill 50 and NPH’s position on this bill, click here.

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