The Community Advocacy & Resident Voter Engagement Workbook: A Guide To Building A Collaborative Housing Justice Movement  is designed to support CAVE program participants in their advocacy work as they learn ways to empower affordable housing residents in becoming voters and advocates in their communities. Through step-by-step tools, organizations can use the workbook as a guide to incorporate and institutionalize holistic resident voter engagement.

“I really enjoyed the CAVE workbook. I am able to stop and reflect on what has happened in history/what is currently happening and think of how it has affected our communities/continue to affect our communities, and the different ways that we as the services providers can help and reach those communities.” – Jessica Soria, EAH Housing

Your Voice Matters!

The Workbook will be revised and updated on a regular basis. If you’d like to submit recommended additions or want your or your organization’s work featured in the Workbook, please email NPH Senior Program Manager, Campaigns & Community Engagement, Andrea Bañas: