San Francisco Chronicle: “New wave of homelessness”

San Francisco Chronicle: “New wave of homelessness”

“Despite billions of dollars spent on the crisis, three newly homeless people are estimated to hit the streets in the Bay Area every time one is pulled into shelter or housing. 

“”People talk regionally, but they act very locally when it comes to homelessness,” said All Home’s founder, Tomiquia Moss, who until September ran Hamilton Families, the leading family shelter provider in San Francisco. “But this feels like the moment to actually do this. We can do this.”

“She said the effort will address how to more quickly create area shelters; loosen zoning and funding for extremely low-income housing; provide rental help; and conceive other strategies that bridge borderlines around the Bay Area. She plans to convene regional conferences and has assembled a Bay Area-wide advisory board that includes Destination Home CEO Jennifer Loving in the South Bay and Amie Fishman, head of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California.”

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Londre Holmes