San Francisco Chronicle: Prop. 27 would rake in millions for homelessness. So why don’t homeless advocates support it?

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August 30, 2022
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Proposition 27, which offers to both legalize online sports gambling in California and deliver millions of dollars for homeless services, is on life support.

And it never gained widespread support among many in an audience you’d think would be thrilled to have hundreds of millions of dollars raining on them: California’s homeless service providers and low-income housing builders.

“They’ve been doing outreach, but not getting a lot of takers,” said Paul Boden, who has been working on homeless issues for 40 years in San Francisco.

“It has become a topic of conversation amongst the broader affordable housing community,” the organization’s policy director, Abram Diaz, told me. “It’s not every day you get perhaps a shot at a revenue source.”

But Diaz said some in the housing community “are wary of being attached to the issue either way. It’s a tricky one, very complicated. And while we work in the political space of housing, really, we just want to get to the bottom line of building units to address the problem — not get in the business of entering political thickets.”

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