Affordable Homes Win at the San Francisco Ballot!

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October 19, 2015
NPH’S Regional Strategy
October 20, 2015

Prop A for Affordable Homes won with 74% of the vote, surpassing the 2/3 voter threshold required for a bond measure and gathering the most votes on the entire ballot.


Prop K (Surplus Lands for Affordable Homes) won with 73.28% of the vote.


“Great team, great campaign! Thanks to Amie and NPH for field efforts! We are leading the way for other cities and counties!”

— Cynthia Parker, President and CEO of BRIDGE Housing


Through presentations, phone banks, and literature distribution, NPH reached 6,000 likely voters who are residents of affordable homes. We applaud NPH members for this collective accomplishment! Once the election is certified in early December, it will be possible to match our database and determine the impact of this pilot program. Stay tuned.


“We want to say thank you to everyone who contributed, organized, turned out, and responded!” said executive director Amie Fishman. “Leadership from NPH members, who coordinated and provided access to voter education and information activities, made the difference in helping residents exercise their voting rights. We appreciate the fantastic work of Maryann Leshin, who served as field director for NPH efforts.”


None of this would have been possible without the support of our major donors, Mithun I Solomon, Silicon Valley Bank, Merritt Community Capital Corporation and BRIDGE Housing, as well as the many individual contributions made by NPH members and supporters.


We’d like to acknowledge Gail Gilman, executive director of Community Housing Partnership and NPH Board member, for her tremendous leadership representing the affordable housing community as one of the three co-chairs of the Prop A campaign. We also want to celebrate the efforts of CCHO, our San Francisco partner, who led the Prop K campaign and mobilized its members for this election.




This was NPH’s pilot effort to build our electoral campaign capacity. Here’s what it looked like:


  • Using Data: We matched a list of affordable housing developments by address to voter files of likely voters and created a list of buildings owned or managed by NPH members that had a high proportion of likely voters. We used this to create a phone bank list of 6,000 names and to share with property owners for targeting their outreach.


  • Phone Banking: With a total of 25 volunteers, we called from our list of 6,000 residents of affordable housing who are likely voters over the course of four phone bank sessions.


  • Presentations: NPH members Ben Golvin, Joanna Ladd, and Paul Peninger, along with Maryann Leshin and translator Maggie Ho, made presentations at Chinatown Community Development Center, Mercy Housing and BRIDGE Housing properties, as well as several managed by The John Stewart Company. Nearly 500 residents attended these presentations to learn about the importance of Proposition A and K.


  • Campaign Communications: NPH prepared affordable houser campaign materials to inform residents about Prop A and K in English, Spanish and Chinese. An informational flyer, meeting invitation, and a Q&A document were used by NPH members in their campaign work.


NPH applauds all those in our community who tirelessly engaged in many different campaign activities including those that NPH organized, their own organization’s targeted activities to reach residents and their neighborhoods, as well as leafleting and precinct walking with the Prop A campaign. All of these efforts ensured that voter turn out was strong and were critical to our collective success!



  • Dan Adams
  • Bob Allen
  • Pati Boyle
  • Aaron Bustamante
  • Chris Cummings
  • Ramie Dare
  • Ali Gaylord
  • Abby Goldware
  • Ben Golvin
  • Kate Hartley
  • William Ho
  • Bridget Holian
  • Joshua Hugg
  • Sarah Jelley
  • Chelsea Johnson
  • Brett Jones
  • Joanna Ladd
  • Ileah Lavora
  • Peggy Lee
  • John Lovell
  • Libby Moore
  • Chris Nicholson
  • Paul Peninger
  • Nick Qualigia
  • Jesse Rosemoore
  • Annie Sajid
  • Karim Sultan
  • Karina Teymurazova
  • Rae Thomas
  • Elizabeth Wampler
  • Yelena Zilberfayn