Silicon Valley: Is the Bay Area on the Verge of a Housing Construction Slowdown?

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The Bay Area, already one of the most difficult and expensive places in the nation to build new homes, is being buffeted by a turbulent economy that’s creating even more challenges for a region reeling from a housing affordability crisis.

The headwinds are plenty: Higher interest rates for construction loans. Rising labor and material costs. Slowing demand from homebuyers squeezed by more expensive mortgages. And fears of a looming recession as cities continue to recover from the pandemic.

That’s all raising the specter of a widespread housing construction downturn.

Abram Diaz, policy director with the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, said the prospect of even greater cuts during a recession is one reason why advocates and officials are working toward bringing an unprecedented Bay Area affordable housing bond worth up to $20 billion before local voters in 2024.

“In the tough times, that’s where we’ll see how committed we are to addressing this crisis,” Diaz said.

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