A Statement From NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman on Ben Carson Pick for HUD Secretary

December 1, 2016
State Legislature Kicks Off New Session
December 13, 2016


StatementAfter much speculation — and amidst grave concern from experts in the housing and development field – it has been confirmed that Ben Carson will serve as President-Elect Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. 

While the impact of a Carson-run department are difficult to predict, given his lack of experience in housing, planning, or government, Mr. Carson’s on-record statements have made clear his support for rolling back significant housing protections and policies. Specifically, Mr. Carson has been vocal about his opposition to the Fair Housing Act, landmark legislation that protects Americans from housing discrimination. 

We cannot and will not support such action. NPH and our members are working for a better America, with inclusive communities and housing opportunities for all, regardless of race, creed, age, disability or income source. We will say “no” to any roll-back of the Fair Housing Act, “no” to deepened segregation and cuts to our nation’s housing safety net, “no” to increased homelessness and housing insecurity.

Mr. Carson’s appointment is in line with the growing list of deeply troubling appointees. On behalf of our members and on behalf of the voters across the nation who overwhelmingly said yes to housing reinvestment measures this year, we will continue to stand for equity, opportunity, and a commitment to strengthening our communities, from HUD and across the administration.


Thank you,

Amie Fishman, NPH Executive Director