Statement on Governor’s “California From All” Budget from NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman

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January 9, 2019
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January 15, 2019

“A California For All means investing deeply in housing, demonstrating strong leadership, and initiating bold proposals. We are thrilled to see Governor Gavin Newsom release a budget proposal that includes $7.7 billion in new, existing, and federal funding dedicated to state affordable housing and homelessness programs. The budget proposal shows great promise and remains consistent to the proposals Newsom offered on the campaign trail. However, much more needs to be done to ensure we are offering every Californian access to a safe and stable home.

We applaud the proposal to expand the states Low Income Housing Tax Credit program up to $500 million, an investment that will continue to encourage investment in the production of affordable housing throughout California. Since 2011, the program has helped support the production of 18,000 affordable units.

Governor Newsom also proposed an innovation challenge that will seek to work with affordable housing developers to build affordable housing on underutilized state properties that are suitable for housing development. The administration has also proposed prioritizing the development of surplus state lands for emergency shelter sites, allowing up to 30 parcels of CalTrans land in Bay Area locations such as Oakland and San Jose.

The Governor also voiced his support for the proposed amendment to lower the voter threshold necessary to pass a local funding measure dedicated to the production of affordable housing. Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1 (ACA 1) as put forward by Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, seeks to lower the voter threshold from two-thirds supermajority (66.67%) to 55%. NPH feels the urgency to pass this legislation, which would then need to go before California voters. If this measure were in place this last election cycle, the San Jose and Santa Rosa affordable housing bond measures, for example, would have passed and made available an additional $574 million in dedicated funding.

We see an opportunity to work with Governor Newsom and the Legislature to identify additional funding that will address the states homelessness and housing program and ensure California is on the path of constructing the 3.5 million homes we need. Time and time again, Californians have told us in polling and shown us at the ballot box that they want a California that invests more deeply in housing. It is critical that Newsom and the Legislature take bold action to ensure that California renters have greater stability and protections. We are excited to work with the new administration on the proposals laid here as well as introduce new, bold policies and proposals that can provide swift, effective, and lasting investments and security in a strong, healthy California.”