Trisha’s Story

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October 20, 2015
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December 22, 2015


Drake’s Way
Larkspur, California

When she decided to become a teacher Trisha didn’t think it would mean having to choose between taking care of her son and the work she loved. A mom should never have to make that choice.

But, as a preschool teacher, Trisha’s salary wasn’t enough to live in a good neighborhood. As she explains it:

“My teenage son was bullied a lot. I was trying to teach him to be a good man but all around him were bad examples. 

In 2009, we got a great early Christmas present. We won the lottery for getting into Drake’s Way! This apartment means I can live close to my job, which means more time with my son. And it means i can stay in Marin where I raised my two oldest kids and want to raise my teenage son. I love how close it is to buses and shops, and how safe it is. Best of all, now my son is doing great in school!

I feel lucky. I wish all moms could have this choice.”

Drake’s Way, a 24-unit affordable housing community for families and disabled adults, was made possible by Larkspur’s Inclusionary Zoning, under which a for-profit developer dedicated land as part of gaining approval to build market-rate homes next door.