Updated Numbers from Santa Clara County (89% votes counted)

Update:Monday, 11/14, 5pm
November 14, 2016
Update on Santa Clara County
November 16, 2016

Update: Tuesday, November 15, 5pm

In Santa Clara County, updated numbers show Measure A keeping a lead
with 67.29% YES, now with 89% votes counted. The next vote count will be
released tomorrow (Wednesday) by 5pm.

No new vote count updates in Alameda County or San Mateo County, where
both campaigns have called an official victory based on latest numbers.

  • In Alameda County, Measure A1 has been declared a WIN with 72.80%
    YES. (Last updated 11/14 at 4:42pm)
  • In San Mateo County, Measure K has been declared a WIN, with 70.0%
    YES. (Last updated 11/10 at 4:30pm)