Yes on A Campaign Kick-Offs in Santa Clara County

August 30, 2016
AB 2031 Support Letters Needed & Updates from Sacramento
September 2, 2016

Yes on A Kickoff Photo

Thank you to the Yes on A for Affordable Housing Campaign for the above photo and portions of the content of this post


Measure A for Affordable Housing Kick-Off Success!

Thank you to the NPH members, partners and friends who joined us to make the YES on A for Affordable Housing campaign kick-off a success! (Check out the Photo Booth photos here and the campaign event photos here!). NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman and NPH Board Member and SV@Home Executive Director Leslye Corsiglia were joined by hundreds of supporters including NPH members, residents living in affordable homes, as well as Supervisors Cindy Chavez and Dave Cortese. 

With your help, the campaign raised $5,000 to support their goals to reach and educate voters about the benefits Measure A will bring our community, and secured more than 100 volunteer shifts.


Santa Clara County voters are ready to take action to address our housing and homeless crisis and we are ready to support our friends, family, and neighbors who can’t find an affordable place to live.


But Measure A will require a 2/3 vote and we need your help in spreading the word and delivering the message: Through phone calls and door knocks. Through donating. By bringing up Measure A at dinner parties and family reunions, at Church and social gatherings, on Facebook and by writing letters to the editor.


Get involved by Signing up to Phone Bank or Precinct Walk with the campaign or donate to help fund voter outreach efforts!