Artist-Activist RyanNicole collaborates with Daveed Diggs, Jenn Johns, Kev Choice, Goapele, Fantastic Negrito, Ruby Ibarra, Zion I, Rocky Rivera, Don Reed and more to shift attitudes surrounding housing in the Bay Area

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October 16, 2020
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Statement on Election Impacts on Housing Justice in Bay Area from Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California Executive Director Amie Fishman
November 4, 2020
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New film premieres Sunday, November 1st in live virtual event showcasing Bay Area artists and new music.

OAKLAND, California (October 20, 2020): Sunday, November 1st at 5 p.m. PST, Bay Area artists for housing justice release HAVEN during a live virtual video premiere. Conceived and directed by Ryan Austin, the film features local talent using their voice and gifts for the culture and for the community.

The project features an array of Bay Area names across music, real estate, comedy, and activism. The film presents music, conversation, art, and memories by local talent to inspire viewers to think, laugh, dance, and act to take care of the communities they call home. Viewers will see RyanNicole, Jenn Johns, Kev Choice, Daveed Diggs, Goapele, Fantastic Negrito, Ruby Ibarra, Destani Wolf, Karega Bailey, Chris Riggins, Rocky Rivera, Gina Madrid, Zumbi of Zion I, Alan Dones, Don Reed, and more.

Founder Ryan Austin describes the objective of HAVEN as to shift attitudes around housing in urban communities. As an Oakland native and -based artist and activist, RyanNicole has seen the scourge of homelessness and is determined to ignite new conversations that spark the imagination of residents across cities in the United States.

RyanNicole shares a common idea that many artists are beloved in their communities, but are not paid a living wage commensurate with their impact. “What I know is that artists oftentimes are the first people to be impacted by housing insecurity– whether they are homeless themselves or they are folks who are having to be transient because of the way businesses and the art world is seen,” she shared during the introduction to CIVICS 101 partnership with Jennifer Johns.

The film features videography, visual effects, and editing by SLVTR Films. The project was produced in partnership with Seize The Narrative, Non-profit Housing Association of Northern California, & San Francisco Foundation.

For more information on HAVEN and its media releases, please visit

Contact: Ryan Nicole Austin
The HAVEN Project
Oakland, California USA

About The HAVEN Project:
HAVEN is a cultural media production and distribution initiative for housing justice aimed at local Bay Area voters. It is a project of EastSide Arts Alliance conceived by artist-activist Ryan Austin in 2020. HAVEN engages local artists, media makers, experts, and leaders in the field to share their perspectives, experiences and testimonies on housing justice. Through the creation and distribution of social justice media, HAVEN invites members of the community to radically imagine more just neighborhoods and cities.

Housing is a human right. Haven. This is our home. We take care of our own.