Statement on Election Impacts on Housing Justice in Bay Area from Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California Executive Director Amie Fishman

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“Among the many pressing issues of our time, this election presents critical opportunities to advance fair and equitable housing in the Bay Area region, and we remain enthusiastic and optimistic for an outcome that favors the needs of our diverse and vibrant communities. Two of our local affordable housing measures, Alameda County’s Measure W and Sonoma County’s Measure O, already appear on track for victory, affirming our region’s strong track record of support for and belief in homes for all. 

“As democracy is underway across California and the entire country, our officials are making sure that every vote is counted.

“NPH feels the weight of what is at stake in this election for the heart and soul of our country, our state, and our region. We believe that our community is strong when we stand together for housing and racial justice, and for bold visionary solutions inside and outside of election cycles.”


MeasureSummaryNPH EndorsementCurrent Yes TallyCurrent No TallyLast Updated*
State Prop 15Will provide between $6.4B to $11.5B in additional funding to local schools and governments by closing tax loopholesYes48.30%51.70%11:04 AM
State Prop 16Reinstates affirmative action in the state by repealing 1996’s Prop 209, which banned affirmative actionYes43.90%56.10%11:04 AM
Alameda Co. Measure WWill provide a half cent general sales tax that will raise ~$150 million a year for 10 yearsYes51.11%48.89%11:08 PM
Sonoma Co. Measure OWill provide residents with essential mental health and homelessness servicesYes68.98%31.02%12:08 AM
San Mateo City Measure YWould limit how many homes can be built on a piece of land, to the detriment of special needs or supportive affordable housingNo49.42%50.58%1:18 AM
East Palo Alto Measure VWould help fund affordable housing projects by raising new revenue with a modest increase on the hotel stay taxYes62.98%37.02%1:18 AM

* Current numbers are based only upon ballots counted, which California State Election estimates is currently at 54% turnout. This is well below the projected turnout, which was estimated to be as high as 80%. Based on those numbers, NPH estimates that there are still roughly 6 million uncounted votes in the state.