Cal Matters: Rising seas – California’s affordable housing faces worse floods

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Statement on Election Impacts on Housing Justice in Bay Area from Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California Executive Director Amie Fishman
November 4, 2020
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Looking back at BAHFA in 2020
December 22, 2020
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California’s crisis of affordable housing appears to be running smack into another intractable problem: sea level rise

A new study published this week projects that the number of affordable housing units at risk of flooding in the United States is projected to more than triple by 2050.

“Housing advocates said California can begin to shape a housing policy that addresses future risk if they pay attention to the science of sea level rise.

“It is absolutely not a surprise that low-income people have all these conditions that come together where they are the first and hardest to be hit by crisis,” said Amie Fishman, executive director of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California.

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