Federal Policy Signals New Approach to Housing, New Pathway Forward, and New Movement Strength

Scott Wiener announcing SB 899
Opinion: This legislation addresses needed housing and racial justice
September 2, 2020
Image of illustrated city skyline
The Road Ahead: A 21st Century Housing Strategy for the San Francisco Bay Area
October 1, 2020
Inforgraphic for federal policy

But It Needs Our Help to Get Through the Senate

Out of the devastation and loss of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis comes a hope that we can create a better world. It is even more evident now how our health and our future depend upon everyone having stable and affordable homes. Affordable homes are essential to our Bay Area region, as we work for racial and economic justice; respond and react to COVID; and set us on a path to a better future.

We see the future taking shape in the HEROES Act federal stimulus package and House Resolution 2, which are both awaiting action in the Senate. These bills are being heralded as critical interventions (just check out #HeroesAct, trending on twitter) and signal a new commitment to the growing movement for housing justice. But our Senators need a clear demonstration of support and the strength of the Bay Area and all of California behind these solutions.

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