Opinion: This legislation addresses needed housing and racial justice

Scott Wiener announcing SB 899
Hundreds of California Faith Leaders Declare Moral Imperative for State Assembly to Pass Critical Housing Bill
July 21, 2020
Inforgraphic for federal policy
Federal Policy Signals New Approach to Housing, New Pathway Forward, and New Movement Strength
September 2, 2020
Scott Wiener announcing SB 899

Californians face an incredible opportunity to use over 38,800 acres of underused land for new, affordable homes.

Through Senate Bill 899, faith-based institutions and nonprofit colleges could choose to make their land available for affordable housing development, regardless of any local restrictions, to meet our communities’ needs.

These institutions collectively own 38,800 acres of land which add up to the size of Stockton, California’s 13th largest city. The bill would remove zoning restrictions and speed up approval processes so affordable homes for seniors, low-wage workers, people with disabilities and low-income families could be built easier, faster and less expensively.

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