Interesting Facts About Voter Registration

Information on the Vote Count
November 7, 2016
November 7, 2016

Voter registration has increased significantly during 2016. In our targeted counties, the 15-day report from the Secretary of State shows:


·       Alameda County has 105,100 new registrants, for a total of 888,864 – an increase of 13.4%

·       San Mateo County has 46,022 new registrants, for a total of 395,528 – an increase of 13.1%

·       Santa Clara County has 137,712 new registrants, for a total of 875,176 – an increase of 19%


NPH members played a role in this increase. We achieved a 15% increase in voter registration in our database through improved addressing data, and registration drives among residents on properties across the Bay Area. Thanks to the resident services, resource coordinators, services providers and managers who worked hard to make resident voices heard in this important year!