NPR: Apple Pledges $2.5 Billion To Ease Shortage Of Affordable Housing In California

NPH weighs in on Facebook pledge; final push for Prop A (NPH E-News)
October 30, 2019
Commentary: “Apple’s $2.5B Housing Pledge Is Not A PR Slam Dunk”
November 5, 2019

LISTEN via NPR as NPH Executive Director Amie Fishman weighs in on today’s announcement that Apple is joining with other tech companies to make big investments in affordable housing solutions.

Condensed transcript:

“The money comes at a time when the tech industry is having a huge image problem. Facebook and Google have become so powerful that there have been calls to regulate them more and even break them up. There’s heightened scrutiny over the negative influence they’ve had on elections, and even society more broadly. Donations like these are good PR. But Amie Fishman of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California says these companies and their employees are also feeling the impact of the housing crisis around them.

“It is unconscionable that so many people are sleeping in the streets every night. It is unconscionable that people are driving hours and hours to and from their jobs. We are living in an unsustainable environment…””

Listen to the radio show at NPR